Brand Alignment & Custom WordPress Development

World's Biggest Garage Sale

World’s Biggest Garage Sale is an Australian startup turned global social enterprise kickstarting the circular economy. They activate dormant goods for good as a way to create purposeful profit by taking in unwanted goods that would usually end up in landfill, then refurbish, renew and revitalise their value so they can be enjoyed once again by the community.

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A New Direction Grounded in Data

Market Research & Brand Strategy

As a brand transitioning from startup to full-fledged social enterprise, World’s Biggest Garage Sale came to us to evaluate the brand’s presence and position it in line with their new status. Pixel Palace conducted a full suite of research and presented strategic findings to align the brand with its target market and increase awareness and gravitas. We recommended a new custom WordPress and social change campaign to demonstrate the new WBGS.

Content and Design Working in Harmony

Custom Strategic WordPress

World’s Biggest Garage Sale required a website that clearly communicated the value of their offering. As the first circular economy precinct in Brisbane, they are both an educator for the conscious consumption movement and a provider of valuable reloved goods. The website needed to establish their multifaceted organisational structure in a seamless experience where givers, learners and buyers could find what they were looking for with ease.

To improve user experience, the Pixel Palace team wrote and optimised over 40 pages of content in line with the new brand strategy and recommendations. Coupled with a new custom-designed and fully-responsive WordPress website, it now boasts optimal aesthetics and usability in addition to frontend speed and mobile-friendliness. Since launch, average page view time has increased from 10 seconds to 2 minutes, and website visitors have increased by 53%.

Social Change Campaign for Good


To present the new World’s Biggest Garage Sale, Pixel Palace envisioned a campaign which would draw more people to the brand in a way that promoted responsible consumerism, a key brand tenet. With Christmas right around the corner, it made sense to use this campaign to encourage sustainability at a time when most people struggle with excess waste. Based on data showing that over 20 million gifts are unwanted by their recipients each year in Australia alone, buying one secondhand item instead of new was an achievable initiative that would save goods from landfill or laying in homes dormant for years to come.

Hence, the #OneSecond campaign was born. The hashtag provided a dual meaning: (1) take #onesecond to evaluate your Christmas shopping habits and sign the pledge and (2) source one secondhand gift. The campaign not only drew hundreds of new values-aligned individuals to the brand, but it also collected them as leads through the pledge initiative. While the campaign encouraged sourcing secondhand gifts from a variety of vendors, we were also able to give participants a direct line to purchase their secondhand item through the WBGS Shop page, which lead to improving sales, leads, and brand awareness for this deserving social enterprise. Quarter on quarter, the shop performance increased by a whopping 1,683%.

I look at our website now and I almost shed a tear because it says and feels and demonstrates who we are and what we do. Since the development and launch of our website by Pixel Palace, I feel the speed of our business has escalated substantially and our story now has a voice out in the marketplace that is equal to what you feel and experience when you walk in our doors.

Yasmin Grigaliunas, CEO and Co-Founder of World's Biggest Garage Sale