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Case Study


Orkest - Hero
Crafting relevance into a workforce consulting brand.

Jim came to Pixel Palace to action a long-held dream. Break from the flock and create his own management consultancy.

We helped Jim throughout the full brand development process from strategy to naming and brand execution. The result? A brand that stands up to the Big 4 Australian management consultancies.

  • Market Research
  • Brand Name Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Asset Development
  • Custom WordPress Website

The Big Idea

Good for people. Good for business.

the challenge

Create a brand that stands up against the ‘Big 4’ management consultancies in Australia’s top boardrooms.

Jim Seawright

I can’t speak highly enough about this team and their fabulous work. Orkest’s new website and branding is a result of their professionalism, hard work and patience.

Jim Seawright
Founder – Orkest


Things we learned along the way

The category wasn’t speaking about real people

When we looked at how category players communicate, the majority spoke about people as mere commodities – resources to be used, numbers to be crunched. We saw an opportunity to change this. Create a brand that spoke to people as people, a brand that advocated for their needs as much as the organisation’s. This early takeaway provided the initial inspiration to carve out the unique angle for Orkest and their role as the bridge between the two competing priorities. 


Automation can only go so far. brand requires.

As workplaces focus on automating as many tasks as possible, the brand used its more traditional approach (think more conversations and focus groups vs automated spreadsheets and tracking software) to show that the best results come from a combination of deep human thinking and technology. The industry was too reliant on new software that promised it all but didn’t deliver the human-focussed solutions needed in today’s workplace. Orkest was the right answer.

We lift your brand, so that your brand lifts you.