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Case Study

Stranger Films

Stranger films
Remarkable stories.

Stranger Films was founded in 2018, by a talented director-producer duo based in Brisbane. The team had evolved from their start-up brand identity and had two major goals in sight for their brand development work. Our job was to re-think how they communicate their value and bust them out of the videographer category and into the world of creative-led film production.

  • Market Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Content Strategy
  • Custom WordPress Website

The Big Idea

Remarkable stories.

hero stranger films

the challenge

Re-think how Stranger communicated their value and bust them out of the videographer category and into the world of film production.

success snapshot

84.5% increase on average session duration
Brand Strategy + Custom Website
138.4% increase in overall page views
Content Strategy + Custom Website
High value projects due to increased credibility from rebrand
Visual Identity
Expanded the team from 2 to 6 people
Brand Positioning
Overall website engagement rate up 11%
Digital Marketing + Custom Website
Silver Award Winner at BADC 2023
Brand Refresh

We want to make cathartic stories that help shape the world. We want to make you laugh, we want to make you cry and we want you to think.

Tony Walsh & Genevieve Larin
Stranger Films


The Stranger Flavour

To reframe Stranger’s positioning in the market and make the brand’s offering more attractive to their ideal customers, we delivered a full brand refresh – from research and strategy to visual identity and web. 

Key insights into their market formed the basis for a big idea – remarkable stories – a thread that wove into all aspects of the brand to create a coherent and compelling narrative that Stranger could take to market.

website menu - stranger films

Things we learned along the way

The struggle between SEO & Brand was real.

A lot of sites in the competitor landscape cheapened their online brand presence in order to please the Google gods. We needed to balance SEO with Brand. Keeping the integrity of the brand was our highest priority as brand positioning will bring in the right type of clients for Stranger.


We needed to find the right level of quirk.

With a creative brand like this we could have gone all out on the quirkiness – they are Stranger Films after all. Identifying the correct levels of quirk in the brand in order to appear unique but still highly approachable and professional meant we had to walk a fine line with the Stranger flavour.

We lift your brand, so that your brand lifts you.