Case Study

Set Up Camp

The outdoor dream.

Set Up Camp was born from a simple idea: to help more Australians and their families discover the joy and ease of camping.

We partnered with the Set Up Camp to crystallise their value proposition and then communicate that value through a complete brand transformation. The goal: a one-stop-shop for all things camping and outdoor.

Camping & Recreation
  • Market Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Content
  • Custom WordPress Website
  • Digital Marketing

The Big Idea

By campers, for campers.

the challenge

Sell the Set Up Camp lifestyle as a remedy to busy, over-worked families and couples.

success snapshot

58% increase in form submission (first 90 days)
Brand Strategy + Custom Website
New sense of team pride and professionalism
Brand Strategy
New suppliers due to increased credibility from rebrand
Visual Identity
39% average open rate for monthly newsletter
Digital Marketing
441 average monthly website enquiries
Digital Marketing + Custom Website

The single biggest impact was being able to clearly communicate who we are.

David Wilson, Founder + Owner
Set Up Camp


Things we learned along the way

There was room for a new family brand.

The founders were shining examples of the aspirational family camping lifestyle, so we amplified this connection in the brand and focused brand messages on family togetherness, reconnection with nature and exploration – all the things that modern families were craving.


There’s more than one way to buy a camper.

Through multi-tiered research, we were able to understand the different buyer motivations and preferred buyer journey for each product type and customer segment. Creating a more personalised experience from the very first touchpoint resulted in a consistent lead source that could be forecasted and controlled.

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