Custom WordPress Development

Safari Frank

The brief was to build a super flexible, content rich, multilingual travel site for a travel company spanning three continents and specialising in African Safaris.

Desktop Computer

About the project

Multilingual Travel Site

Safari Frank are a family run African safari travel agency with offices in across three continents. This site was a huge project – one of the largest we’ve undertaken. Built around a cleverly structured content architecture utilizing WordPress taxonomies and custom post types we’ve enabled the Safari Frank team to be able to build out complex and content rich pages based on locations, topics or adventures. And in two languages!

African Safari Website

User Experience

Filterable Content

The site features highly filterable sections allowing users to easily navigate the options on offer and help them narrow down their travel choices from an extensive range.

We built the site using lots of WordPress taxonomies (catagories) in order to make this functionality work now and be easily extendable in to the future.

Content Management System

Intelligent Content Management

Many hours were spent planning the information architecture and structure for the Safari Frank site. The result is a an extremely intelligent infrastructure within the site that allows for automatic pulling of content to related pages as well as the ability to custom build content pages manually.