Custom Wordpress Corporate website



Premise appointed Pixel Palace to design and launch a new-look website by Christmas 2017, allowing just 8 weeks to successfully deliver this ambitious project. Pixel Palace exceeded my expectations in every conceivable way!

 Right from the initial design stages, Jen and her team were creative and collaborative, working directly with myself and the wider Premise group to devise a sitemap that would clearly articulate the diverse expertise and services that our business encompasses.

 Once a sitemap was determined, Pixel Palace helped develop a unique ‘look and feel’ for the new Premise website. Our goal was to establish a website that, whilst being ‘corporate’, maintained a personalised style, incorporating bright colours and authentic images of Premise employees at work on-site.

 Along with an intuitive navigation and engaging design, Pixel Palace was able to provide Premise with an intelligent and fully customised Content Management System (CMS). The back-end of our website is now highly functional and user-friendly.

 The Premise team can now seamlessly add or adjust Project Summaries, Staff Profiles, News, images, text, and other content essential to communicating our multifaceted service offerings. In fact, the CMS that Pixel Palace has designed means the Premise website will stay updated and relevant – almost effortlessly.

 I cannot speak highly enough of the customer service that Pixel Palace offered to Premise. Jen, Pietu and the Pixel Palace team were extremely responsive, and able to convey complex design solutions in simple to understand terms. The team at Pixel Palace are friendly, fun, creative, driven and passionate!

 In all, I would recommend Pixel Palace to any business looking to improve their online presence with a incredibly engaging, attractive and functional website. Thank you again Jen, Pietu and Pixel Palace – we could not have done this without you.

Jess Cotton, PR & Communications Manager for Premise Australia