Michelle Rushton

Michelle Rushton is a peak-performance educator driven by the question: How can we achieve and sustain world class performance without the negative side effects? We don’t have the answer, but we do know that we absolutely love working with speakers and thought-leaders! They often have strong, inspirational brands that allow freedom and creativity in their website designs. Thought-leader types always have a clear long-term vision, and understand the value of investing in an asset that will yield more value over time. They’re also lovely people with great communication skills! We succeeded in making Michelle’s new website feel professional to appeal to corporate types, but also warm and friendly as her clients will be spending lots of time face-to-face with her.


When Jen and her team design your site, you see it and you think, “That’s so ME! That’s so US!” How did they know?!?!?! They just know, they just get it. That’s their magic. Pixel Palace make everything easy, exciting and efficient when you are designing a site. You could not have a better design experience.

– Michelle Rushton