Digital & Marketing Case Study


Eneraque needed a long-term partner to provide high level strategy and then ongoing management of their marketing activities while they were without an in-house marketer.

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About the project

Long-Term Partnership

Established in 1981, Eneraque is an Australian leader in end-to-end power generation, pumps, lighting towers and gas management. With an extensive range of engineering capabilities, products and services, and an even greater range of industries in which they serve their growth in sectors and services meant that they were in need of a strategic way to position their brand accurately in the minds of their varying consumers.

Our Partnership

Plug-in Digital & Marketing Team

In addition to requiring assistance in accurately positioning their services and products to their market, Eneraque needed a long-term partner to provide management of their marketing activities as they had no in-house marketer. Eneraque knew that in order to align themselves accurately in the minds of their target market, they would need to actively conduct marketing through content delivery and marketing campaigns.

Pixel Palace had been engaged by Eneraque two years earlier to design and build a custom WordPress site so they engaged us to help provide marketing support over a 12 month period.

Client Objectives

To grow the Eneraque brand through marketing in order to gain further brand awareness, generate leads and to increase market share

To succinctly define what Eneraque does in a way that positions the brand accurately in the mind of their target market

To actively deliver content and campaigns across various channels with particular focus on LinkedIn


To strategically define the market and identify Eneraques competitive capabilities

To provide strategic recommendations and implementation of a brand alignment

To develop a unique selling proposition that gives clarity to Eneraque’s the target market

To provide ongoing support through a retainer partnership that included strategy, marketing, creative and web.

The Solution

Unique Selling Proposition

The need: To easily display to the market what it is that Eneraque does for them in a succinct selling proposition.

The result: Strategic brand realignment that invigorated all stakeholders across the supply chain and brought value to the marketing department which resulted in the starting of a full-time marketer in-house at Eneraque.

Campaign Delivery

LinkedIn Strategy

The target market research and brand capabilities identified the opportunity in utilising LinkedIn as a brand awareness and engagement tool to leverage their network through content distribution including case studies and insights.

Within the first month of Pixel Palace strategically driving LinkedIn through content development and best practices, the engagement increased by 500% at 5.9k impressions and three months later engagement was sitting at an astounding 2000% up at 20.7k impressions. These results were purely organic without a single paid campaign.

LinkedIn Strategy

The Results

Competitive Advantage

Whilst we can’t reveal the competitive advantage discovered during the situational analysis, the Pixel Palace marketing team were able to implement strategic competitive advantages discovered in the research throughout the various streams of the business in order to leverage the demands of the market and using Eneraque’s strategic capabilities. This resulted in the acquisition of leads and the invigoration within the team of the company’s unique strengths.

We have had the pleasure of working directly with Pixel Palace on our custom website build, as well as strategic brand realignment and marketing direction. The Pixel Palace team are an incredibly professional group of creatives who take the time to learn your business and develop marketing strategies/concepts tailored to your business. I highly recommend Pixel Palace if you are looking to take your brand to the next level!

Reece Mitchell - Eneraque Marketing Manager