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Encompass Africa

The brief was to showcase Encompass Africa’s high-end safari tours, their personal service, and their intense passion for Africa and what they do.

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About the project

Luxury African Safaris

Danica and Jonathon from Encompass Africa are super passionate about their business of luxury African safaris. They love Africa and love what they do and it shows. We were excited to collaborate with them on bringing their new branding and their passion for their business to life on the web. Working with clients who were invested and engaged in the outcome paired with the amazing imagery and photography we had to work with means we’ve produced some of our best work here for Encompass Africa.¬†Shout to to the talented Claire Hamilton from Filter Studio for her work on the logo and rebranding.

Encompass Africa Designs

User Experience

Interactive Maps

The site features interactive map sections allowing users to visually navigate the regions of Africa that Encompass offers. This not only provides an engaging user experience but it serves to educate customers on geography of Africa at the same time.

We built this custom map functionality in to the back end so the site administrators can easily add and remove territories themselves as required. Cool, huh?

Content Management System

Flexible Content Management

The whole site is built for ultimate flexibility in terms of content management. The backend uses row “styles” which can be reused on any page for any content – making the configurations for individual pages endless. Blog posts can each have a different layout depending on the content of the blog. Maps are configurable and easy to update in the back end as well.

Custom Content Management