Custom Wordpress ecommerce website

Daniel Bentley

When we began designing the website for Australian jewellery designer Daniel Bentley, we wanted to create an online experience that mirrored the elegance and sophistication of the jewellery pieces themselves — a hand-crafted web experience for a hand-crafted product. We found the warm, sandy aesthetic worked well with Daniel’s coastal-inspired collections, and added to the luxe feel of the site. However, this project was about more than just jewellery — it was about telling the Daniel Bentley story. With this goal in mind, we worked hard on finding the best ways to make the page content as engaging as possible. Our aim was to take users on a journey that started with Daniel’s backstory and process, before introducing them to the jewellery collections.

Functionally, the site is a fully-fledged online store with advanced filtering and search, as well as a completely revamped custom checkout. It was a pleasure working with Daniel and his wife Lene throughout this process.