Custom eCommerce

Coffee Beans Delivered

Started four years ago as an in-house eCommerce experiment by the Pixel Palace team, CBD is now one of the most successful online coffee stores in Australia.

Desktop Computer

Search Engine Optimisation

Reversed Engineered for Optimal SEO

This whole project was reversed engineered from search engine opportunities. We built the business, website and content around the adwords campaigns that we were set up before anything else.  We wrote comprehensive text and invested in photography to help drive the message home: a boutique coffee experience.


Woocommerce Coffee Beans Delivered

Targeted eCommerce

Custom WooCommerce

We worked with the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin WooCommerce to create custom eCommerce functionality that was super focused on helping customers make educated buying decisions. Detailed descriptions, tasting notes, customer reviews as well as thoughful user experience ideas like the scrolling Add to cart that stays with the user as they read through the more detailed information all add to up to an extremely intuitive and user friendly shopping experience.


User Experience

Helping users make decisions

A few months after launching the site, user testing revealed that some customers needed guidance in choosing coffee blends and origins based on their specific requirements and felt overwhelmed at the choices. To solve this we created the “What coffee are you?” quiz which guides users through questions related to how they make coffee, how much they consume and personality type and then offers up 3 product suggestions based on their answers. The quiz also encourages social sharing with a funny “coffee persona” served up at the end. Product suggestions have quick add to cart functionality to make purchasing quick and easy.

Implementation of this quiz DOUBLED our sales conversion rate for the site.


After sales marketing

Fortune is in the followup

The site continues the custom experience long after the purchase has been made. 8 days after purchase, customers are sent a personalised follow up email asking them how they are enjoying the coffee and providing some specific information on the beans they purchased. It also offers them a chance to review the product and receive a discount code on their next purchase. Win for the customer who gets a discount. Win for future customers who get to read real reviews. And a win for us because we get feedback and rave reviews to show off to the world.


Check out these epic stats!

6.34 % conversion rate
# 1 for keyword coffee beans
+ 200 % increase in conversions from quiz
34 % bounce rate
Coffee Beans Online Sales