Coffee Beans Delivered

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Coffee Beans Delivered To Your Doorstep? Awesome!

During the making of this website we estimated more than 248 coffees were consumed. The site was designed to excel at one thing: create the easiest, quickest and most effective way to buy the most awesome coffee for your home or office. The architecture for this site was built around best user experience and a Google Adwords campaign. We love coffee here at Pixel Palace so building Coffee Beans Delivered was definitely a work of passion more than a job.

Our favourite part

A quirky, shareable quiz that solved the issue of choosing the right coffee bean.

Not only do you get the recommended coffee based on your machine and drink preference, but now you also get be one of 16 different pop culture personalities like:

Vader Coffee – The Darthest Roast
Kanye Coffee – The Best in The West


We could say whatever we wanted here but you wouldn’t take us seriously anyway. However, we think this is the best site ever… at least in Brisbane… or in Kelvin Grove…maybe in the Z1 building…certainly in this office. Yeh, definitely the best website within this office! For now.

The Coffee Beans Delivered Team

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