Brisbane Osteopathic Centre

Brisbane Osteopathic Centre Website

The Brisbane Osteopathic Centre is well known locally as an established and respected Osteopathic clinic. The team are warm and wonderful humans who love what they do. Their old site had been online for almost 10 years and really needed a complete overhaul of content and code. Their SEO rankings were strong on desktop, but their mobile results were non-existent. The new site is now fully mobile responsive with more optimised content and a shiny new logo to boot. Mobile search traffic is up and we’re happy to report online bookings have increased. Go team!


Pixel Palace have been fabulous to deal with. Vibrant and knowledgeable their team filled us with enthusiasm about our project. Their deadlines and delivery of the site were very quick and they were even able to help us get new branding done quickly and we have been very happy with our new logo. Jen and her team took time to understand what we needed, what we had no idea about, educate us in what our options were and how to use our final product.  We have felt very fortunate to have chosen Pixel Palace for our website.

– Rebecca Baxter, Osteopath at Brisbane Osteopathic Centre