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At Pixel Palace, we’re bona fide eCommerce experts! We even started our own successful eCommerce side business, which we’ve been operating for the last four years. Our online shop websites look great, but we also know how to run them successfully.

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Next-level eCommerce

You want your site to actually sell, not just look cool. That’s why with eCommerce, we focus on strategy and tangible results. We’ll help you develop your digital marketing strategy and create a stunning, engaging eCommerce experience – more than just a website!

Built with powerful eCommerce features including:

Advanced analytics tools

Digging into your customer data is essential for finding meaningful ways to increase engagement and optimise for conversions.

Multiple payment gateways

Let customers pay the way they prefer, whether that’s Afterpay, PayPal, direct bank deposit or good old-fashioned credit card.

Custom email notifications

Sending engaging, personalised email notifications to your customers is a great way to express your brand and keep them coming back.

Advanced product filters

Empower your customers to shop their way! Intuitive filtering means users can sort products by just about anything.

Shipment tracking

Keeping your customers in the loop about their order status will greatly improve the overall shopping experience.

Mailing list integration

Email marketing is still crushing it in 2022! If done correctly, it can be a great way to turn your one-off buyers into loyal fans.

What is the best eCommerce platform in 2022?

We’re big fans of WooCommerce, an eCommerce plugin built specifically for WordPress. It’s super flexible, allowing us to build custom themes (we don’t use the pre-built themes). As it’s built on WordPress, it means the rest of your website can be built using our usual butt-kicking WordPress development process.

We also have experience building eCommerce solutions with Shopify, which can be a better solution for smaller startups. Shopify offers a slick user experience out of the box, especially with the checkout process, but the platform is less customisable and more expensive than WooCommerce in the long term.

Brisbane’s eCommerce Experts

Not only have we built countless online stores for clients over the last 10 years, we also successfully operate one ourselves! Coffee Beans Delivered is our very own custom WooCommerce website, and now one of the leading online marketplaces for artisan coffee. After four years running the site, we have an expert understanding of what it takes to build and manage a successful online community.

The project has gone so well that in 2018 we opened the Coffee Beans Delivered Espresso Bar out the front of our Pixel Palace office digs in North Brisbane. If you’re in the area, pop in, grab an espresso, and say hi!

Coffee Beans Delivered WooCommerce

Coffee Beans Delivered

Started four years ago as an in-house eCommerce experiment by the Pixel Palace team, CBD is now one of the most successful online coffee stores in Australia.

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