Strategy & Planning Workshops

Before you need a website, you need a plan!

The world of digital can be very overwhelming. Most businesses know they need a website, but what they really need first is a digital strategy. Our workshops can help you get all your digital ducks in a row and help you avoid making costly mistakes or missing great opportunities.

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More than just a website

Your website is critical, but it is only one part of your online success. Your digital strategy should consider more than just your website. Who is your audience? What will your website accomplish? Where will your traffic come from? How does your website fit into your business plan?

A website is a means to an end, it isn’t the end itself. It’s a tool to accomplish something – most businesses focus on the tool rather than what they need it to do.

In our workshops, we’ll sit down together and figure out exactly how your business will win online. We’ll analyse where you’re at right now, and define clear goals based on where you want to be. You’ll discover new options and opportunities, and together we’ll create a comprehensive blueprint and plan for your website.

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Workshop Overview

The purpose of the workshop is to properly execute the initial planning phase that is critical to any sophisticated design process, with the aim of getting the best possible results for your digital project. We’ll come to your office and facilitate an intensive, value-filled half or full-day session on all things web.

Together, we’ll explore your brand, your business and your digital goals. The workshop covers everything from your service offering, competitors and unique points of difference. We’ll help you clearly define your audience, along with their behaviour, needs and goals. Finally, we’ll audit your existing digital presence and define some key areas for improvement.

The importance of proper planning cannot be understated – it will impact virtually every area of your project — whether it’s your website structure, features, content, or social media. It’s what allows us to craft the best possible experience for your users, not just roll out a template. Our process is deliberate and strategic. Make no mistake, this is the most important part – and it’s the bit that most of your competitors will ignore!

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Is the workshop a good fit for my business?

  • Do you want a new website but are struggling with where to start?
  • Does your business lack any kind of real digital strategy?
  • Are you struggling to define your brand or audience?
  • Do you have a great marketing team but need a little help with digital?

Not sure if you need a full blown workshop?

That’s okay! Sometimes it’s better to start small. Never fear – We also offer strategy packages without the workshop part.

Get in touch for more info or to obtain a quote.

Coffee Beans Delivered WooCommerce

Coffee Beans Delivered

Started four years ago as an in-house eCommerce experiment by the Pixel Palace team, CBD is now one of the most successful online coffee stores in Australia.

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So what do I get?

At the end of the planning workshop you’ll leave with

Some clarity and a 360° view of your business

Your current offerings and audience, key value and unique selling propositions as well as your strengths, weaknesses and potential threats.

Insight in to your competitors

Detailed information on how your competitors are performing online and what channels and strategies they are using.

Goals, and a practical plan of attack to achieve them

Based on where you currently are and where you want to go we’ll map out a plan of action so you know where you’re heading and how.

Technology & Functionality suggestions

We’ll make recommendations for functionality or technology that will create new opportunities for you, super charge your customer experience and blow up your conversion rates.

A blueprint for your new website

We’ll document the plan including sitemap, feature list, technical specs for you to obtain quotes on. 

The beginnings of a website content and SEO strategy

You’ll leave with a comprehensive content sitemap so you can start thinking about content creation and resourcing other related material like photos and video.