What does International Women’s Day mean to us?

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Here at Pixel Palace, we are proudly led by Jen Jeavons – a successful businesswoman, wife and mother. Our team also includes many talented women (and men) who are at the top of their professional game. To mark this important occasion, our team took the time to reflect upon what International Women’s Day means to each of us:.

Jessica Cotton PR - Pixel Palace
Jessica Cotton
Publicity & Copywriting

Jen Jeavons, Founder

“As a female in what is predominantly a male dominated tech industry – and also as a leader of a team that includes several incredible women – International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate how far we have come in terms of equality. However, we must also use this occasion to highlight and discuss how far we have to go. The more aware we become of how truly institutionalised sexism is, the more we recognise the need for significant change. I believe that change will require ongoing discussion, honesty and leadership; and on that front there’s still work to be done.

‘Liberation is always in part a storytelling process: breaking stories, making new stories. A free person tells her own story. A valued person lives in a society in which her story has a place.’ Finding your voice allows for the decision to speak up, to participate, narrate, consent or dissent — and by ultimately redefining who is heard and who speaks, whose stories are valued, we redefine the society we live in.”

Rebecca Solnit

Amber Snow, Marketing Specialist

“International Women’s Day to me is about acknowledging our responsibility as a collective to support and celebrate the rights of women, and to give thanks to the amazing women in our lives. The significance and history behind the day to me demonstrates how as a collective we can overcome obstacles through inclusiveness and the removal of labels. I love that it recognises a unified stance that we all deserve equal rights. Happy International Women’s Day.”

Ben George, Front End Developer

“To me, International Women’s Day is a time to recognise all of the important women in our lives. For me, I think of my wife, my mother and my sister – and reflect upon how much I respect them for the many hats they wear, the responsibilities they effortlessly accomplish, and their positive influences on me throughout my life.

International Women’s Day is also a reminder that we still have work to do as a society to ensure there is equality. This doesn’t just extend to the workplace, but also encompasses our lives at home and as parents, so the next generation can grow up without stereotypes. I am a father to two boys, but also an uncle to four nieces, and I want them to grow up in a world where they all have the same opportunities as each other. “

Claire Hamilton-Dye, Brand Strategist

“Throughout my life there have been many occasions where I’ve felt judged or treated differently because I’m female. From my time as a member of male-dominated car clubs racing around motorkhana tracks (and winning competitions mind you), through to starting my own business and presenting strategic creative to male-dominated board rooms, I’ve felt various levels of discrimination because of my gender. I’ve had to strive harder, act tougher and be twice as resilient as my male counterparts simply to be acknowledged as part of the team.

To me, International Women’s Day is about truly seeing the value of EVERYONE around you no matter their gender (or gender identity). I imagine a world where the nurture of a family household is a shared responsibility because men are supported in their workplaces to take time off to care for their families; a world where women’s ideas are not questioned purely because they are presented by a female; and a world where we can all be treated fairly, respectfully and with kindness. I thank those women who have come before me to fight for the rights I have today and I aim to be a person who can continue to drive equality forward, enabling future generations a chance to live without discrimination.”

Jessica Cotton, Publicist

“For me, International Women’s Day serves three fundamental purposes. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the remarkable women that I am privileged to call friends and colleagues. It’s an opportunity to engage with all people, regardless of their gender identity, to discuss new ways that we can achieve true social equality. Finally, it provides a moment to pause and reflect – to take stock of where we’ve come from and look towards the journey ahead.

Women continue to make momentous contributions to every part of society – however, we still have a long road to travel before we can realise true gender equality in Australia. Recent incidents in our Brisbane community have highlighted some of the critical social issues that we must tackle together, as both women and men. In fact, every woman I know could share at least one story where they have been put at a disadvantage or even at risk because of the way society dictates gender. Creating change will require empathetic leadership, meaningful dialogue, and dedicated resources. I am so grateful to the brave women who have come before me, and I’m proud to be a woman forging her own pathway for success in 2020. I envision a world where future generations of women will not be limited, restrained or defined by their gender. I’m hopeful that I’ll live to see it.”

“Here’s to strong women: May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

What does international Women’s Day mean to you? Share your thoughts with us below.

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