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2021 Year in Review: What we’ve learned about living digitally

Amber Snow

General Manager

17th December, 2021

4 min. read

For many, 2021 was a year like no other. The global pandemic continued to shape our daily lives along with the way we do business. With several Australian capital cities enduring prolonged lockdown periods, many businesses had no choice other than to pivot and adapt their operations. As people turned to the Internet for work, connection, and entertainment, agile brands were able to make the most of Australia’s rapidly growing digital economy.

Pixel Palace was proud to support purpose-led brands across a diverse range of sectors to increase their digital presence. Our team began with thorough research and planning in order to execute marketing tactics that made sense for our clients. Here are four valuable lessons we’ve gained this year – that we’ll be carrying into 2022.

1. Future-proof businesses are digital

Gone are the days when the physical location of a shop-front would determine your business’ success. Today, future-proof businesses are those that have a strong presence within the burgeoning digital economy. To paint a clearer picture, the Australian Communications and Media Authority recently released a report on Internet usage throughout the COVID pandemic: 

  • From 2020 to 2021, the number of active broadband connections increased by 11% nationwide. Internet traffic in Australia surged by 20% over the same period.
  • Almost half of the nation’s internet users worked from home throughout 2021. 
  • A staggering amount of Australians used the internet for everyday transactions such as banking (92%) and shopping (85%). 

If your business wasn’t set up to tackle the opportunities represented by Australia’s fast-paced online marketplace, it’s time to make the transition. Customers are increasingly active online, and in 2022, your brand should be too.

2. Authenticity sells

Australians are also consuming more video content than ever before. From the growing popularity of TikTok, to the latest features introduced by Instagram, our lives have never been more vividly recorded and shared. Given the sheer volume of video content now available online, authenticity is what stands out from the pack. 

For brands, authenticity happens when all the elements of your business are in alignment with the same, central message. Authenticity is closely tied with consumer trust and your overall brand purpose.

3. The best strategies start with research

Of course, it’s often tempting for brands to dive headfirst into marketing activities before taking the time to strategically plan the best ways to connect with customers. At Pixel Palace, thorough market research and planning is the starting point for every brand we take on. 

Market research can provide you with critical insights that enable informed decision-making. Our team can help businesses at every stage of growth to evaluate the following:

  • The sales trends and industry changes that impact your sector.
  • The demographic and behavioural attributes of your target customers.
  • The competitor landscape that influences your business.
  • The way your brand should look, sound, feel, and behave, in order to achieve growth. 

If research and planning isn’t the starting point for your business’ marketing decisions, chances are you’re missing out on powerful information about the way customers perceive and interact with your brand. The good news is our team can get you on the fast track to success in 2022. 

4. Data-driven marketing works

Speaking of planning, 2021 has reaffirmed that data-driven marketing continues to enable sound business decisions. Chances are your business already has a number of data touchpoints to draw insights from (for example, your email database, website visitors, social media followers and more.) 

The value of having a team that can effectively interpret this data to make recommendations for your business cannot be understated. From audience segmentation to personalisation and customer experience, the team at Pixel Palace can help get you familiar with data-driven marketing strategies so that you’re set up for a bright and plentiful New Year. 

What lessons did you learn in 2021? What insights will you be taking into the New Year? Share your thoughts with us via Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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