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I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin and have been for a long time. I read a concept of his recently that really resonated with me around the secret of getting ahead of competitors in order to be successful and I wanted to share.

Jen Jeavons
Founder / Managing Director
Buzzer management / buzzer theory is taking a leap of faith before you know exactly how it will turn out.

Man – I love Seth Godin. He posts daily to his blog with amazing snippets of insight. It’s well worth following. But this one is a cracker.

Buzzer Management

Seth realised that life is a little like the game “Jeopardy” in that the secret to getting in first ahead of others who also know the answer is… Buzzer management.

Buzzer management is knowing you need to hit the buzzer before you have the full answer. It means hitting the buzzer when you think you probably know the answer – even if you don’t know it yet.

“As soon as you realize that you probably will be able to identify the answer by the time you’re asked, buzz. Between the time you buzz and the time you’re supposed to speak, the answer will come to you. And if it doesn’t, the penalty for being wrong is small compared to the opportunity to get it right.” – Seth Godin

Buzzer management is something I have realised I do very naturally and always have. But I’ve recently watched a lot of people and entrepreneurs around me struggle to hit the launch (or start) button on projects, concepts and business ideas. When I came across Seth’s Buzzer management concept and shared it with one of the aforementioned friends she was floored at how it explained her behaviour to a T!

For me personally I have found the only way to improve, move forward, show profit and expand personally and professionally is to “leap”. Hit the buzzer. Send the email and not agonise for days over it. Say yes to the opportunity even though you’re terrified. Take the risk. And then reap the rewards.

PS – You can read Seth’s post on this in full here

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