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We’re a experienced group of digital experts who punch well above our weight to create success for our clients, each of us bringing a set of specialised skills and experience.

Fun fact Jen was a pop star in the early 2000's

Jen Jeavons

Managing Director & Fearless Leader

With over 13 years experience and formal qualifications in both web and graphic design, Jen founded Pixel Palace way back in 2009. Today she works as the company’s managing & creative director – overseeing all aspects including design & creative direction, user experience and project management. She also presents regularly at events on all things digital design and web.

Matt Jones

Head of Digital Experience & Development

With over 9 years of experience in digital, including a four-year stint as Nova 106.9’s content producer, Matt heads up digital experience and strategy at Pixel Palace. He enjoys all things user experience and helping clients crush it with awesome digital strategy.

Fun fact Once got 2 million hits on a blog post about shoelaces
Fun fact Likes NFL, meditation, design and gaming
Fun fact Enjoys tea so much he and Pietu started Tealy - an online herbal tea shop
Fun fact Experienced a fully-fledged identity crisis thinking of something to put here
Fun fact Started her first business at age 6

Amber Snow

Marketing Specialist & Brand Lever

If there’s an opportunity in the market for our clients Amber will find it! She has a Bachelors Degree in Business specialising in Marketing and heads up our marketing and strategy work here at Pixel Palace.

Ryadan Jeavons

Sales Manager

With a background in corporate sales, small business and technology, coupled with a love of coffee, customer service and a good chat, Ryadan is perfectly suited to his role as sales manager here at Pixel Palace. He enjoys talking all things business, ecommerce, seo and marketing.

Fun fact He can play Rachmaninoff on the piano like a pro
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