GPsupport is an Australian company specialising in medical IT, providing industry-leading, best practice services tailored for healthcare professionals. Specialists in opening new clinics, the team at GPsupport are passionate about powering the future of healthcare with technology that works.

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Healthcare Technology Specialists

As an established brand with ten years’ proven experience in providing best-practice IT solutions to Australian healthcare providers, GPsupport came to Pixel Palace with a strong market reputation. However, the GPsupport team also understood that revitalising their brand positioning would be imperative for ongoing growth and success.

Tasked with developing an insights-driven Brand Strategy for GPsupport, Pixel Palace was able to provide a deep-dive analysis into Australia’s healthcare industry. Our research and strategic recommendations were highly relevant and valuable to GPsupport’s business.


Showcasing Leadership in Medical IT

Utilising the insights from the brand strategy, our team was also able to design and deliver end-to-end brand collateral for GPsupport, including a new-look logo and full suite of print and digital assets. We were pleased to provide complete web content, design and development services, with the end result being a customised WordPress site that makes GPsupport stand out from its competitors.


Custom Strategic Wordpress

The team from GPsupport required a website that successfully demonstrated their proven expertise in healthcare, and effectively conveyed the diverse range of services they offer. The Pixel Palace team hosted a number of content workshops with our client, in order to articulate the personalised approach, tailored IT solutions, and unparalleled market insights that set GPsupport apart.

Today, this eye-catching and thoughtfully laid out website is a major brand asset that supports ongoing market awareness and generates high-value leads for GPsupport. Along with an insights-led Brand Strategy, GPsupport is well positioned to take on the future changes that will shape Australia’s healthcare and IT industries.

The team at Pixel Palace have played an important role in transforming and growing the GPsupport brand for the next era of our business. We look forward to a continued partnership with the team, and would absolutely recommend them.

Paul McCarthy - GPsupport Founder and Managing Director