Founders Story

Popstars and palaces

The origin story of Pixel Palace – a female-founded and purpose-led brand growth agency.

Founded in 2007

Pixel Palace was founded in 2007 by Jen Jeavons, as a natural extension of her creative pursuits. Having enjoyed a successful career during the early 2000s as a singer for Savage Garden, and as the frontwoman for her own band Aneiki, Jen discovered that the emerging world of web enabled her to connect with music fans in an unprecedented fashion.


Aneiki 2001 - Jen Jeavons

Commercialising Creativity.

In fact, Jen wrote, produced and performed Australia’s most-played radio pop song “Pleased To Meet You” in 2001. She later found that the formula for writing a successful song wasn’t altogether different from creating an effective website. According to Jen – both formulas require having an authentic story that connects on an emotional level, both need to be punchy and succinct, and originality is essential. Moreover, both forms of expression require creativity and commercial acumen that appeals to an audience.

For Jen, Pixel Palace represented an opportunity to reinvent herself professionally, and provided an avenue to rechannel her creative talents. By 2009, she was developing engaging websites for major clients in the fashion, entertainment and lifestyle industries both in Australia and abroad.

Jen discovered that her ability to connect on an authentic level enabled her to understand her clients’ needs, and provide them with outstanding results. Pixel Palace quickly scaled up, with Jen choosing to upskill, hiring new talent and becoming familiar with an exciting new CMS – known as WordPress. On a personal level, a husband and two babies found their way into the mix too!

Purpose Led Impact

Over a decade of success

With Pixel Palace now entering 2020, Jen has enjoyed over a decade of success and has witnessed a seismic shift in the way that Australians use the web. Mobile devices and Wi-Fi have made the Internet as pivotal to our modern lives as electricity. Content is consumed at a rapid rate, and whilst an effective website was once ‘nice to have,’ it’s now an essential part of any successful marketing strategy.

Pixel Palace has evolved with these cultural changes too. What started as a web development company has now transformed into a full-suite agency that enables purpose-led brands to grow. The team from Pixel Palace focuses on communication, relationships and a holistic approach to strategy – empowering brands to make their mark on the world and lead through purpose.

Today, the Pixel Palace team includes dedicated developers, designers, marketers and publicists – each with a unique skill set and valuable insights to offer clients. The team genuinely invests in each client, and is committed to delivering quality results that are appealing, engaging and memorable. Pixel Palace is a conscious, people-first agency. The agency strives to be a first-choice for both clients and talent, and aims to deliver award-winning work that represents real value.

Jen Jeavons - Founder

An empathetic leader

For Jen, Pixel Palace always felt ‘bigger’ than herself. Scaling the team to its current size has been a reflection of her personal passion for connecting with people, and enabling others to shine. Jen is an empathetic leader, who believes that valuing compassion and communication empowers team members to deliver their best work.

As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, Jen has found that being empathetic, intuitive and emotionally intelligent has in fact become her ‘super power.’ She would encourage other women embarking on their entrepreneurial or creative careers not to hesitate – and to dive in!

Jen’s vision for Pixel Palace is for it to be renowned as an aspirational brand, celebrated for its culture of positivity and excellence. She hopes to redefine the agency model – providing clients with the expertise and capabilities of a major agency – combined with the personalised attention of a boutique operator. Ultimately, Jen wants to make a positive impact on the world by enabling other brands to maximise their potential.

“My personal mission is to do well by doing good, while supporting, elevating and inspiring those around me.”
– Jen Jeavons.