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Creating connections with your audience

Get seen with a clear PR strategy.

Let the PR team at Pixel Palace be your secret weapon!

We’ve partnered with a wide variety of influential organisations, lifestyle brands and thought leaders – to develop and consolidate positive relationships with both the media and the public.

We’re excited to identify the ‘X factor’ that sets you apart from competitors so that we can establish your brand within the minds of journalists and influencers. Our public relations team will organically connect your brand with high-value audiences.


Build connections & influence growth

At its core, public relations is a strategic communications process that builds positive connections between brands (or organisations) and their audiences.

Our publicists share the same goal as advertising executives: We want our clients to be seen by a specific target audience, and to be perceived as appealing, compelling and engaging.

However, the toolkit that a publicist maintains is very different from that of an advertising executive. Publicists don’t buy ads, design billboards or even develop catchy slogans. Instead, our expertise lies in influencing the public opinion and behaviours connected to your brand using unpaid or ‘earned’ methods.


Never pay for media again

You may be surprised to find that publicists are behind many of the news stories that appear in websites, podcasts, newspapers, magazines, radio and television. This is referred to as ‘earned media.’

The real advantage of working with a publicist is that you’ll never pay a dollar to the media – and yet you’ll still gain access to their audience. In fact, earned editorial enables your brand to connect with highly engaged audiences, who are statistically more likely to read a news article than an advertisement.

At Pixel Palace, our public relations team will help you to achieve earned media by:

  • Interpreting public opinion, attitudes or issues that might impact your brand.
  • Identifying a unique point of interest (an ‘angle’) that will elicit interest from the media. 
  • Crafting well-written media materials, designed to engage a strategic list of journalists. 
  • Leveraging our existing media network to secure high-value editorial coverage for your brand.
  • Representing your brand amongst media networks, to continually identify proactive and reactive opportunities for you. 

Influencers and content marketing

Whilst media relations is a very important part of the PR toolkit, there are other methods that we can use to successfully engage your audience. Tactics such as influencer marketing and content marketing are proven to be highly effective in connecting with today’s audiences.

The PR team from Pixel Palace can identify and liaise with key influencers in your industry. These influencers may include individuals or organisations who have the ability to shape public opinions and behaviours related to your brand. We can help to introduce influencers to your brand, and to leverage their audience for greater exposure and traction.

Content marketing has also become increasingly critical in today’s digital market. Our public relations team are expert copywriters, and can help to create videos, blogs and other content deliverables that will captivate your audience. Effective content marketing can secure your brand’s position as an industry thought leader, and builds trust with your audience.

We lift your brand, so that your brand lifts you.