Nimble is Now – The De-constructed Agency

There was a time when the big design agencies, like dinosaurs, ruled. Big, impressive and yep – expensive.

In recent years there has been a shift. Businesses are realising that there is an alternative that is not only more cost effective but can return much better and quicker results. So like the dinosaurs, big expensive agencies are facing extinction from a smaller, and much more nimble studios and freelancers.

This year we decided to refine our offering. Instead of attempting to be a jack of all trades (and potentially therefore a master of none) we stuck our flag in the ground and declare our territory. Pixel Palace specialises in custom online solutions and websites.  Here’s our BBQ pitch.

We craft awesome digital solutions (like seriously cool websites mainly in WordPress) for clients who are invested in and understand the difference their online presence can make. We create beautiful work – we call it art with impact – that has our clients raving about the results.

Previously we as well as web development Pixel Palace offered graphic design, logo design, print work, copy writing, SEO and SEM – none of which (if I’m honest) ever gave us much joy. Once we realised what we enjoy and really ROCK at – it was a no brainer decision to decide to refine our offering. Then at Brisbane’s first ever WordCamp earlier this year we watched a presso by Ben Madden on “Wouldn’t Life Be Better Without Clients” where he cleverly pointed out that people don’t call an electrician and ask them to fix their plumbing. So why expect a web developer to write content? Or set up an AdWords campaign? Trying to be everything to everyone is a recipe for disaster and burnout. So we decided to go back to basics and become specialists in what we love.

But how can we compete with full service agencies you ask??

Stop. Collaborate and listen…

Rather than diluting our skills into all areas of the world online, we made a conscious decision to build a creative collective of experts companies who specialise in the areas outside of our core. This gives us the ability to offer clients all the services of a huge agency without all the added fat. Often at an agency, especially if you’re not a “big fish”  you will pay a premium rate but could end up with a junior doing the majority of the work. <insert sad face here>

In the deconstructed agency model we will give you direct access to some of Australia’s top talents at their individual rates. We have a network of amazing service providers who we know 100% will provide awesome results. We get nothing from referring – just the joy of working with great content and marketing material, or an amazing branding package which helps us create an a great online presence for your business.

In a dangerously rapid and ever-evolving industry this setup makes us nimble enough to zig when we must and zag when we want. Sure, we have to eat and we love a good friday night drink but we’ll foot the bill and it won’t be at your expense.

Just do it!

I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin and have been for a long time.  I read a concept of his recently that really resonated with me around the secret of getting ahead of competitors in order to be successful and I wanted to share. Buzzer Management Seth realised that life is a little like the game “Jeopardy” in that […]

Curvy Creative Womens Conference

Curvy Creative Womens Conference 2016

Pixel Palace was proud to be the digital partner for this years Curvy Creative Women’s Conference in Sydney. Our director Jen took part in the Day 2 Panel on The Future of Creative Content. Here’s her wrap up.