How Pinterest’s New App Feature Could Drastically Change Online Shopping Forever

Pinterest has always been a great platform for online businesses that take the time to photograph their products beautifully. Getting exposure from people sharing your products has been invaluable to many shops but now with Pinterest’s latest features the value becomes even greater.

Pinterest introduces image search.

This new feature now lets users “crop” a portion of a Pin (presumably a clear shot of a product) and then reverse searches the image based on what is inside the selection and brings up related Pins.

Let’s use the example below to explain how revolutionary this will be:

You are browsing through several photos of lounge rooms and kitchens and suddenly you see the perfect pendant light for your new house extension. How many of you get frustrated when you check out the description and it only says “My dream lounge”? Ok, well you can click on the image and follow the link back to the original location. Well, it turns out it’s just someones random Tumblr account and now you’re at a dead end. Sucks to be you. Sucks even worse to be the vendor of that light, they just lost a sale.

No more screaming at a Pinner who forgot to label the Pin with the correct info. Simply select the light in the Pin and bring up all the related Pins featuring it. THEN, with another feature (yet to come to Australia) you’ll be able to  purchase the light directly from your phone.

Begin the revolution.




Just do it!

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