The challenge

To build our very own successful online store. Not only did we need to establish a brand name quickly in order to achieve sales right out the door, we also wanted to prove (if not only to ourselves) that our advice and methods were solid and did we really know the best practices to follow? Could we make and run our own profitable, low-touch website that achieved great results in Google quickly and also (and more importantly) convert visitors?



The solution

A credible and engaging brand and layout design that smacks the target audience in the eyes and shakes them and says “we have what you are looking for” and we are a trustworthy source for first time buyers.

We built the website around the adwords campaigns that we were set up before anything else, choosing to include pages that matched to the keywords. We chose colour palettes and font choices that matched our target audience. We wrote comprehensive text and took visually appealing photography to help drive the message home: a boutique coffee experience. We listened intensely to the feedback in the months after launching and then adjusted the website to meet the most common demands. The biggest hurdle was accommodating for the overwhelming amount of coffee choices. We created a quick 5-question quiz that engaged with the customer, had shareability factors and ultimately narrowed the search down to three coffee suggestions based on their answers.

What we love

Each one of the unique coffee personalities that you get from the quiz. From Vader Coffee to Gollum’s beans, we had many a laugh (and coffee) coming up with these comical concepts.

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