To build a user friendly online solution for the RSPCA’s Choose Wisely initiative – a campaign site to make it easy for consumers to support food businesses that care about animal welfare. Functionality wise the site needed to minimise administration time in approving new venues and in the front end needed to be super user friendly – especially on mobile.

The solution

We had a great base to work with from the amazing Shannon Morton who had been engaged by the RSPCA to redesign the branding around the Choose Wisely campaign. Shannon supplied layouts for the site and we set to work turning them in to an interactive and user friendly responsive WordPress site.

We developed a custom back end solution to make it easy for new venues to apply to be part of the program and it’s database, as well as simple for RSPCA administrators to manage, approve and publish successful applications to the site.

The front end is an engaging and easy to use directory for users to locate humane food venues near them. We made sure to follow through the branding in every detail – with things like custom google maps styling and animated effect.

What we love

The animated text effects that really bolster Shannon Morton’s fantastic branding.

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