Digital Strategy

Content Design – the next big thing in web

If you haven’t heard the term Content Design yet my prediction is that you will hear it a lot in 2019. We’ve been talking about it in the Pixel Palace office quite a bit over the last few months in our strategic planning on projects and it’s a process we’re working on implementing in more projects moving forward. Exciting times!

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Why Fiverr is a rip off

If you’ve hung around long enough on Facebook networking groups, I have no doubt has been thrown around as an affordable option for logo design, web design and SEO work. To the uneducated this might seem like a great option for getting going on budget. But let me educate you with some real life examples that have happened to us on why you should beware of the swamp that is Fiverr (and single figure design services like it).

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Events & News

Confidence – AGDA QLD Event

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to be apart of an AGDA event – Dames & Dumplings. It’s an event that not only celebrates and highlights female talent in the Australian design industry , but also aims to foster the up and coming generations of creative women, by mentoring, inspiring and empowering them.

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Just do it

I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin and have been for a long time. I read a concept of his recently that really resonated with me around the secret of getting ahead of competitors in order to be successful and I wanted to share.

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6 things you need to look for to avoid ecommerce scams

Whilst most of us are aware of the Nigerian scams offering a large percentage of money if you help them handle their funds, those of you running an online business are prone to a much more sophisticated (and seemingly legitimate) breed of scammers. Here’s a few scams that I’ve encountered running an online store.

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