What does International Women’s Day mean to us?

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Here at Pixel Palace, we are proudly led by Jen Jeavons – a successful businesswoman, wife and mother. Our team also includes many talented women (and men) who are at the top of their professional game. To mark this important occasion, our team took the time to reflect upon what International Women’s Day means to each of us:.

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What is brand alignment, and why does it matter?

A carefully managed brand can be a powerful asset. However, without thoughtful planning and attention, it can be all too easy for your brand’s message to deteriorate. This is especially true in the world of omnichannel marketing – where brands have to maintain alignment across a vast number of customer touchpoints. The process of ensuring that customers have a consistent experience at every touchpoint is called ‘brand alignment.’

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Social Media

Less is more: How to develop a social strategy that works

When it comes to establishing your social media strategy, we recommend focusing on quality rather than quantity. Concentrate on the social media channels that will best serve your brand, and keep in mind that the goal is to connect with your target market. Our experts in social media marketing have compiled this handy cheat sheet to help get you on the right track!

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A Battleship Analogy of Reactive Vs Proactive Marketing

Strategic marketing is like a big game of battleships, the difference being is that the vessels in the game are your profits, your customers, your people and ultimately your business whilst the board is your market. How you prepare for the game will dramatically change your odds of winning whilst minimising damage to your vessels.

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Humanising your eCommerce – the golden ticket to running a successful online store

In a world where our digital and real life experiences are becoming increasingly intertwined, people are demanding the convenience of online shopping yet increasingly craving human connection at the same time. Understanding this is the secret to creating an online digital experience that turns visitors in to customers and eventually passionate advocates and promoters of your brand. Here’s 5 ways you can humanise your online store and brand for the win.

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Digital Strategy

Content Design – the next big thing in web

If you haven’t heard the term Content Design yet my prediction is that you will hear it a lot in 2019. We’ve been talking about it in the Pixel Palace office quite a bit over the last few months in our strategic planning on projects and it’s a process we’re working on implementing in more projects moving forward. Exciting times!

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Why Fiverr is a rip off

If you’ve hung around long enough on Facebook networking groups, I have no doubt has been thrown around as an affordable option for logo design, web design and SEO work. To the uneducated this might seem like a great option for getting going on budget. But let me educate you with some real life examples that have happened to us on why you should beware of the swamp that is Fiverr (and single figure design services like it).

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